EQUIMOB: Inclusive Cities through Equitable Access to Urban Mobility


EQUIMOB project collaborates with a number of partners in the three field sites (Delhi, Bengaluru and Dhaka) to achieve the goals of inclusive and sustainable cities.

Collaborations in Delhi

The Breakthrough Trust

The Breakthrough Trust has been actively involved in interventions on issues around violence against women and empowering women through diverse media such as music and popular culture which can reach a large audience. The organisation will collaborate with EQUIMOB in the dissemination of the research findings through opinion pieces and on-ground interventions such as site-specific campaigns.

EQUIMOB project has teamed up with the Delhi programme of Breakthrough Trust for a pro-bono collaboration. A Terms of Reference (ToR) has been signed between the members of the project and the trust regarding the same.

Collaborations in Bengaluru

The Association of People with Disability (ADP)

ADP is an NGO working for underprivileged people with disability (PwD) in Karnataka since 1959. Divya and I have established links with APD and have obtained necessary permissions for collaboration in research.

Mobility India

Mobility India is an NGO working with People with disabilities particularly the poor, focused on children, women and older people. Divya and I have contacted the NGO. We have been given oral permission to interview their staff.

Praja Vimochana Chaluvali (PVC)

Praja Vimochana Chaluvali is a community welfare organization functioning in different parts of Bengaluru. They are involved in planned interventions in the fieldwork site in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Smart City Ltd

Bengaluru Smart City Ltd a government body in charge of executing the smart city mission for Bengaluru.

Collaborations in Dhaka

Lalbagh Quila Laughing club

Lalbagh Quila Laughing club works under the Lalbagh sporting club.

Rayer Bazar cadet Model school (Apon Foundation)