EQUIMOB: Inclusive Cities through Equitable Access to Urban Mobility


27 September 2019
Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru

EQUIMOB Kick-Off Workshop: Stakeholders Consultation

On the second day, there were stakeholders from the government (smart cities mission and BBMP), NGOs working for older adults and people with disability, and organizations working in transport and planning. They made their presentations and shared their personal experiences in the field. Further discussions brought more insights to the researchers about the ground reality, and the possible interventions and themes of research.

Among the key themes discussed:

  • risk urbanism and urbanism through dual-process
  • new forms of migration
  • involvement of volunteer for community-mapping
  • development of a framework for visually impaired
  • incorporating the perspective of street vendors
  • lack of equity and class division in transport planning
  • involvement of different stakeholders
  • rejuvenation of dead spaces into urban mobility spaces

EQUIMOB Kick-Off Workshop: Stakeholders Consultation, 27th September 2019, Bengaluru. In the picture: Prof. Anindita Datta